Earth Angels is an intentional collection of poetry & prose, dedicated to the highly sensitive, and highly intuitive souls. Though the journey of an Earth Angel may feel as though it is a daunting task, it is an honor to the highest degree. This book is here to remind you that though this world does not fully feel like your home, you do still have a place that you fit, and you are very much loved and needed on this Earth. Author Melissa M. Combs explores the heartache of received hatred, injustice, and rejection, whether it be from family, friends, romantic partners, or even complete and total strangers. She then goes on to emphasize and illuminate the path of transforming oneself from all of the pain.

Remember that one love, the one that didn't make any sense, yet it made all the sense in the world? The one that defied all odds; came crashing into your world in the most unsuspecting way, and before you knew it, it had vanished... but not without first leaving permanent marks? This book is dedicated to that one. That one love that begs of us to hold onto it. To write poetry inspired by in. To create art, in remembrance of it. To keep it close to our heart, and etched into our soul. That love. The love that will forever be, Love in Other Realms.

This collection of poetry is set in the tone of a gothic romance, covering the topic of an all consuming, fiery kind of love. It is one of intense desire, longing, loss, and uncontional love. While author Melissa M. Combs uses a dark undertone to express and stay true to the journey that this kind of love must first take, it is a story of hope turned absolute belief, that in the end, love always wins.

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